Padel Racket Testing Amsterdam? 

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Padel Racket Testing in Amsterdam

Do you want to buy a new racket, but you'd rather test it first? At PadelCasa this is certainly possible! First make an appointment by sending a message to +31 6 40 56 56 19. We will come together at our location: B. Amsterdam Padel by PadelCasa (Johan Huizingalaan 763A).

First we determine your preference, do you prefer a racket where the balance is in the top, middle or beginning of the racket? After we have determined this we take 3 - 4 rackets with us to make you feel the difference. In the end, you decide which one you like to play the most!

How do you test a padel racket?

Everyone needs a new padel racket at some point. And we also recommend everyone to test their padel racket before you buy it. That way you know what you choose and you know what you get.

We advise you to test your racket in the following way:

Take all rackets to the padel court you want to test. So you can test one after the other. We advise you not to test more than four rackets. Otherwise it will be very difficult to keep them apart.

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The weight 

To test a padel racket

If you have a pair of scales, it is very good to use them before testing all the rackets. Make sure they all have the same number of overgrips so it does not affect the weight.

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The balance sheet

To test a padel racket

You can do this for example by putting the racket over the net or on your finger, it's about finding out if the racket is top-heavy or if the weight is more in your hand. Or that the weight is evenly distributed, and the balance is in the middle.

Padel Racket Testing

The stiffness

To test a padel racket

Do this by hitting it with racket against the palm of your hand and see if you can feel any difference with the other rackets. Often there is a real difference because the rackets are made of different types of foam.


The testing process

When you start playing you want to test the following 3 things: balls from the ground with your opponent on the net, volleys and finally a few smashes and bandejas

Then there are 3 things you want to think about when you test a racket:

1. Power - how hard does the ball come off the racket compared to how much effort I have to put in?

2. Control - can I place the balls where I want them?

3. Comfort - is the racket easy to operate? Doesn't it hurt your arm?

We hope these tips will help you find a good racket for a good price! By the way, you'll always find that great price with us! ;) Not only do we have the lowest price guarantee but we also like to advise you which racket to take based on your preferences. From our own experience we always notice that you need to get to know a racket and that it takes a while before you are back to your old self!

The padel rackets from Sandy's video can be found here:

Adipower Soft 2.0

AdipowerCtrl 2.0

Adipower 2.0